Saturday, November 27, 2010

these are not the drones you are looking for

checkin' in on riz khan, chat about pakistan, drone wars, all fucked up.  jabber, jabber, jabber, and then, well, this one seemingly pleasant woman, Christine Fair, said what i considered to be a rather amazing thing.   She said something to the effect that all those reported airborne deathbot civilian deaths were all lies.  lies! she told us.  fabrications of a bought and paid for pak press.  all of it!  i guess is what she meant.  drones are perfect, killing only those rightly killed.

huh.  statistically, that seemed a tad extreme a claim.  so, rather than quibble over numbers and such about the admitted ramped up aggression with drone strikes in pakistan, and all that policy's attendant terrorism, i thought it would be much more interesting to dive into the who the hell is "Christine Fair" thing.  funny name, that.

turns out that lovely ms. fair has been a tried and true us intelligence groper for quite sometime, humping RAND Corp and, once satiated, thence to the marvelous usip, where establishment gherkins perform "cutting edge research,"  one supposes, into all the money making peace that's breakin' out all over the place. actually and among other things, they churned out anti-Nicaraguan propaganda in support of the contras in those glorious days covert proxy wars, and only covert, or perhaps "covert", proxy wars.  fair moved onto georgetown, all cpass professorial and legit now.   it seemed certain she was some sort of war establishment propaganda droid.  RAND and usip certify that.  especially usip.

usip is interesting, i must say.  once again, a liberal cave in gave way to the United States Institute of Peace being co-opted by the executive and/or us intelligence, and being used for pysops, disinformation and other io, mostly in latin america in its early reaganesque version, wherein iran-contra players figured prominently.  doubt it's changed much, a few new targets on the map.  actually, a lot of new targets on the map.

so there's christine fair, the bombs are not falling, the dead are not dying, the terrorism is not real, its all a lie, christine fair.  outta usip.


  1. Dude
    I absolutely love your rendition of my biography. You left out authoress of a cookbook titled "Cuisines of the Axis of Evil and Other Irritating States."


  2. Dr. Fair,

    Well, I must say, I am honoured that you saw fit to stop by. Perhaps after stopping by, you wish you hadn't, but nonetheless, thanks for the comment!