Sunday, November 21, 2010

pat down

just got back to sauseizenbroodjeville after a marvelously inverted decamp across the pond, harpoonaleways. course, airwaves freakouts were in full force.  bombs, bombers, black box packages, missiles flying up,  america just ain't america anymore without a daily panic, admixed with a larger scale weekly panic, and all jumbled up with the big scale monthy-yearly panic.  The big big panic -- holy fuck! what the fuck is wrong with us and we gotta fix the whole damn thing -- is lost, beyond the pale of the daily human scale, where avoiding death by murderous terrorists seems to rank as the single most glorious thing one can do in a given day. panic, people, is the one thing i can safely report that is being delivered with a great deal of vim and vigour.

so, get back, an' waddya know?  all sorta false flag shit flyin' out all over the pipes and tubes.  we got our earlier little hocus pocus fox-cnn shitstream streamin' into world wide eyeballs, oh those blasted mysterious packages!  oh those dastardly aqap! yemen!  global threat!

trouble is, the only fuckin eyeballs on the planet that believe what it is they are actually seeing are lodged in the skulls of  The American People, perhaps the single most credulous population of withering saplings e'er to have populated this wondrous planet.  this is not to say that they are not pleasant people.  indeed, they are -- like any reasonably mannered four year old. but while much of the world is in open and sometimes violent protest against what is actually happening, in america, the concern is gubmint gropin' yer nethers.  if yer gonna yell and howl about something, best it  not be about the destruction of the social fabric, the desolation of the ecosystem, the monstrous maw of the corporate police state, but rather, your personal space.  oops.  guess what?  that monstrous maw just took a chomp at your crotch.

this isn't an accident, of course.  can't be stormin' off, wrecking murderous havoc around the globe, or aiding and abetting the financial rape of the land, and have those good 'n simple folk know about this and that mindless atrocity, bankster fraud, mass killing, market manipulation, death squad scalp taking.   no.  no, no, no.  might upset 'em.  in fact, we know it will upset them.  if ya wanna be dark, go dark.  which is fairly easy to do with the 'merican corporate media.

anyway, peeling back onto the the original notion of the travel experience.  Turns out, wasn't quite the horror i've been seeing.  then again, i ain't some three year with a creepy uniformed blue hand freak grabbin' my nithers.  figure i lucked out on that count.  'course, the trip was coming hither from the terrified yon.  going the other way?  as i heard in MAD : mucho tiempo.  and much indignity.

why is this?  because known US intelligence agencies, in conjunction with the US State Department, conspired to allow the pants-on-fire (it was never a bomb) Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab onto a US bound flight that would lead the world's bastion of freedom and democracy to allow its collective groin to be pawed by the national security police state, and pin the blame for it all on the black guy.

which black guy?

take your pick.

and behind the whole ridiculous scene lies the hilarious and potentially lethal money-making scam, one egged on by the always ghoulish michael chertoff.  a chertoff-connected terror-profiteering scam or a legitimate effort to catch underwear bombers us intelligence agencies do not have "eyes on," one supposes.

nice work, gentlemen.

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