Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm diggin' on over a the freaking hilarious chaos in the White House. These people are in waaay over their heads. Hopefully, it will show up as a Broadway musical:

Should he? Shouldn't he?
Could he? Would he?
Will he? Won't he?
Nobody knows! Nobody knows!

And what about Michelle?
Nobody knows! Nobody knows!

It certainly has paid off, hasn't it? That year and half of constant bad mouthing, and race baiting, and teary-eyed, chalk scribbling, crazyass on-air remonstrations of socialism, fascism, Stalinism, Trotskyism, Maoism, tossed in with the marvelous marinade of tea baggery birtherism, which naturally enough, fomented the horrors of African tribalism, Muslimism, Islamism, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Americanism, and even the Beckian belief of racism that is harboured, and is harbouring in, the corporeal form of Barack Hussein Obama has paid of very well, indeed. Hell, this very NYT article is a hit job itself. The sharks are circling.

And the White House is in a tizzy. How did this happen? Do they wonder that, in the White House? All that talk of partnering, and bipartisan this, bending over, taking one slap after another, eviscerating bills for GOP imagined shit that ain't in them, all those labourous "coffees" with the Repubs, half of whom still think you're Muslim, failed to create any sort of bipartisan gel. Imagine that. They call you a socialist, still do, for spending money on the stimulus, and then brag back home about all the coin they hauled in from Washington. The nerve!

Maybe it's all new to them, this recycled Clinton White House. But how can that be? It ain't new to anyone else.

This is, or has the potential to be, the next season of the American Political Horror Show of the last few decades, where Democrats unfailing refuse the investigate the known wrong doing of a previous Republican White House, or criminal Republican campaign shenanigans, only to watch themselves roasted in the public square as the criminals. Over and over again, we have watched this. We know that Republicans have traitorously poisoned and outright stolen elections. Democrats remain mute.

Republicans have been demanding investigations of the Obama White House over "influence peddling" in Democratic primaries. Yeah, there's heartbreaking development. Clearly, we must impeach.

And they will, those fucking Republicans, should they gain the House. They will go after Obama, and then it's all over, all over again.

Impeachment in the House for some bullshit, stalling, demonizing, generally fucking up the works, man, I can hardly wait! I hope the Repubs win, both chamber pots! I must confess more than a mild curiosity as to the potential repetition of the Clinton roast. Of course, this truly is the last thing the country needs, which would thus stand testament to the odious state of the Republican Party, the party of No and Spite. They'll get away with it, pretend it was some grand and valiant deed, to smack Obama, while he let the Repub torture regime skate. For all the reckless inattention, the country will slide into further disrepair.

If this all pans out as hoped, I'd really like to ask Obama, "how's that bipartisanship thing working out for ya?" Which is a mild rendition of what I really want to ask him, which would be, "hey, shit for brains! When are you assholes going to wake the fuck up? unless, of course, the Dems really are a front company for the GOP, in which case, well, ... uh, ... good job!"

Obama, let's see if ya got the fucking nuts to pull out the guns. If the GOP goes after you, you say to those craven fucks, you will bring charges against the entire Bush administration, open the books, and let the shit hit the fan. You won't need the ICC. The Department of Justice will slam the fucks behind bars -- jury assenting, doubts seem nil, of course -- and thus fulfilling United States' obligations under international treaty -- for once!

Just a little advice. 'Cause I just saw that some GOP jackass, if the Pubs get the House, is promising investigations of the Obama administration.

Woo hoo! Face it. Obama ain't got the balls. So bring on the impeachment. And then we can party like it's 1999, all over again.

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