Tuesday, December 7, 2010

school's out

so, what's got ol Sec Ed Arne Duncan all riled up 'bout the education of amerjca's children, and therefore, the future of america?.  arrrrggghhh!! those godamCHIneeze!  them and their smarts and schoolin' 'n all.  somethin' like that.
“We have to see this as a wake-up call.”
his "wake-up call" was an international standardized test, one in which the chinese would debut. shanghai went to the plate and nutted it outta there! the us dithering in the teenths, if not lower.

that's the secretary of education's wake up call that something is amiss  in american education. chinese test scores.  not the crumbling urban schools, leaks and no heat, not the rising damp of grinding poverty and want that make an education susceptible to the daily crises poverty inflicts, and certainly not the education gap between rich and poor schools. not the toxic political environment doled out to teachers in the us. cuts and jabs from the establishment, constantly -- mostly 'cause teach has some unions around still, and they just hate that.  as long as teachers have unions, they're just like jimmy hoffa.  best just whack 'em.  the solution to the education problem in america is seen as canning all the teachers!  that'll fix it.

so, no, none of that is a problem, let alone a wake up call.  but the blasted chinese, making us look bad -- really bad -- again!  launch forth Arne! an american educational jihad against chinese test scores.  of course, in the real world, this would not translate into grandly more money and resources going to education.  in all likelihood what would happen is that chinese test taking students would be assassinated or detained by jsoc hunter-killer squads, their violation, of course: undermining the interests of the United States.

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