Monday, July 12, 2010

a kick in the chuff with a frozen Boot.

That's a phrase my dad used to say. Ever had a kick in the chuff with a frozen boot? Doesn't sound like much fun. Confronted with some seemingly unpleasant task, yowls of imagined future pain would emanate, ensuing protests along the lines of "geesuzaitchkeeriste, I'd rather have ..." Like that. Purely literal, but in a metaphorical way. Really, whose got a freakin' frozen boot, fercrissakes? And what does that even mean? Is it filled with ice? What? Anyway, geesuz! I'm wandering off again. Fuck. Okay. Next.

Well, there are other kinds of chuffs and frozen boots out there, it turns out. The Pentagon has some, boots that is. Or rather, General David Petreaus, commander CENTCOM, has one; his own personal media boot to kick chuffs of people who doubt his Israeli bona-fides. Lyrically, Petraeus' poli-mil-media boot actually is named ... Boot! Bloody marvelous.

Lookin' like Positioning Petraeus has been, hmm, what word seems to fit here? ahh, ... slavishly employing Extra Old Stock neocon Max Boot to light up 'em media fires with tales of Petraeus affinity for and enduring love of Israel. Boot complies ably, so well, in fact, that Peraeus takes those Bootyized media directives and sends them out to variously annoying anti-war agitators -- look at this brilliant argument for killing more, more, more!!! or for why I am so great. It is written down. And written down by Max Boot, to boot!

So that means something, right? 'cause Max Boot writes the Petraeus agenda in Commentary. So it is written, and so it shall be.

Of course, we are talking about a war-mongering, hang-em high, neocon jackass (I think I could have just left that at 'neocon'), and their record of "so it shall be" ain't so great.

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